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Lisa Schlumbohm (She/her)





Meet Lisa

Lisa cultivated her love for “up north” and the great outdoors while spending her summers at the family cabin in Canada on Lake Superior. When it was time to look for a summer job after high school, Lisa wanted to mimic her youthful summers - she found summer camps. 


Throughout her college years, she spent her summers working at various camps in Ohio and Indiana. In 2013, she found Camp Lookout. It was during her two summers as a counselor and program director that Lisa developed a belief that unstructured play and the freedom to dream can create some of the happiest moments for a child. She also found the belief that the outdoors establishes the perfect landscape to build a motivating and equal community.


After graduating from Bowling Green State University, Lisa went on to work as a Youth Development leader at various non-profits in Northwest Ohio. Then, she re-joined the Project Foxwood team as a Director for Camp Carvela.


Lisa’s favorite times at camp are the “in-between” and unstructured times — the moments that provide space to encourage a child’s imagination and to see the world through their eyes.


During the off-season, Lisa and her husband, Matt, a 6th-grade social studies teacher, reside in Port Clinton, Ohio with their 2 children.

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