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About Project Foxwood

Project Foxwood was founded in 2021 by the leaders of Camp Carvela, Camp Lookout, and Crystalaire Adventures to formally unify these three distinct programs under their shared philosophy.   


The “Foxwood Philosophy” celebrates collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, and playfulness. As a community, we’re committed to fostering meaningful connections with ourselves, with others, and with the natural world. 


“Project” represents the idea that we are ever-changing. As an organization, we're committed to serving the evolving needs of our campers, families, and staff. “Foxwood” symbolizes our playful, creative culture and commitment to the natural world.

Learn more about our unique philosophy and programming model to get a deeper sense of why Project Foxwood is so special. 



Were Camp Lookout, Camp Carvela, and Crystalaire Adventures “bought out” by Project Foxwood?

Nope! Project Foxwood was created by the same folks who own and operate Camp Lookout, Camp Carvela, and Crystalaire Adventures. 


Will this change the way our favorite camp operates?

Nope! Camp Lookout, Camp Carvela, and Crystalaire Adventures will continue to offer the same amazing camp experiences you know and trust. However, you may notice:


  • More communication from “Project Foxwood” email addresses 

  • A greater sense of community between programs

  • New program offerings (e.g. expanded trip opportunities!)


Will you be adding more programs?

We hope so! One of our goals for Project Foxwood is to create space for new programs and learning experiences to evolve. We’re currently exploring concepts for off-season programming, family adventures, and more! 

Have more questions? Let us know! Send us an email at

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