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Residential Camp Jobs

Each summer, we hire approximately 50 staff members to serve as counselors, nurses, chefs, and maintenance staff at our two residential camps--Camp Carvela and Camp Lookout


Who We Hire

Our residential camp staff members hail from all over the world and represent a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and skills, but we share a few key qualities:

  • Passion for the outdoors and youth development​

  • Ability to collaborate effectively and communicate proactively

  • Open-minded and respectful of others' viewpoints, opinions, and ideas

  • Creative, flexible problem-solvers 

  • Committed to creating safe, inclusive, and playful learning environments

Current Openings - Residential Camps

Current Openings

Counselor / Intern

Camp counselors live on-site at our camp facilities and are responsible for leading our daily programming. They serve as role models and mentors for our campers, while also ensuring their safety and well-being. 


Ideal counselor candidates are 18+ and have prior experience working with kids. Existing first aid, CPR, and/or lifeguard certification is a plus!

Sailing Instructor / Counselor

Sailing instructors are counselors who lead our waterfront activities. They are responsible for creating a safe and inclusive waterfront for campers through learn-to-sail programming.  They have the added benefit of spending their summer on the water!

Ideal candidates are 18+ with extensive sailing/waterfront experience and prior experience working with kids. Existing first aid, CPR, and/or lifeguard certification is a plus!

Chef & Kitchen Assistant

Camp chefs and kitchen assistants are responsible for planning, sourcing, preparing, and serving 3 meals per day for campers and staff throughout the duration of our summer programming. Our kitchen staff is tasked with accommodating a variety of dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian diets and food allergies/intolerances.


Ideal chef and kitchen assistant candidates are 18+ with prior kitchen and/or food preparation experience.

Nurse / Health Officer

Camp nurses (aka "health officers") are responsible for all on-site medical services, including caring for ill or injured campers and staff, administering medication, and providing emergency medical care as needed.

Ideal applicants hold one of the following certifications: RN, LPN, EMT, WFR, or MD.


Camp maintenance staff are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and working order of our indoor and outdoor facilities throughout the summer. When necessary, maintenance staff perform or oversee facility repairs.

Ideal candidates are 18+ and have prior maintenance experience, 



All residential camp staff members receive the following benefits:

  • Base salary (varies by role)

  • Regular time-off; staff receive approximately 1 day off during each camp session

  • Provided housing; camp staff live on-site in rustic cabins 

  • Provided meals; camp staff eat alongside our campers in our camp dining hall; we can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences 

  • Opportunity to gain experience working with children of varying ages, needs, backgrounds, and interests

  • Opportunity to secure high-quality references and recommendations for future employment opportunities

Where You'll Work

If hired as part of our residential staff, you'll work at one of our two camp locations:

Camp Carvela

55 Bass Lake Road

Traverse City, MI

Camp Lookout

1310 Buena Road

Frankfort, MI

Your camp assignment will be made based on your unique interests and skills, as well as our current staffing needs. You can note a location preference during your interview, but please note that we may not be able to accommodate all location requests. 

Charlie Do, Counselor

“Through working at Camp I've made lifelong friends, challenged myself to live outdoors and unplug, and learned how to lead others by example. I also dressed up In costumes, slept under the stars, and pushed my creative boundaries. There’s no better way to spend a summer!”

Explore Other Roles

We hire adventure trips staff and paid interns, too! Check out our other roles below to find the fit that's right for you.

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