Join us at one of our three unique programs in Northern Michigan

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Camp Carvela a residential summer camp that emphasizes creativity and a hands-on approach to learning and discovery.

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Camp Lookout is a residential summer camp focused on creating an imaginative environment for kids to play and explore.

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Crystalaire Adventures is a wilderness trips program designed to foster campers' relationships with the outdoors.

What is Project Foxwood?

Project Foxwood is a collective of distinct nature-based learning programs that are unified by a shared philosophy. We’re committed to offering inclusive and meaningful outdoor experiences for youth ages 5-17.


We operate two residential summer camps—Camp Carvela and Camp Lookout—and one wilderness expedition camp–Crystalaire Adventures.


Our Philosophy 

At Project Foxwood, we empower young people through experiential learning. Our unique programming model emphasizes creativity, exploration, and community building. Our goal is to make a positive impact on each member of our community by building connections to self, others, and the natural world. 

In all that we do, we embrace 5 central ideals:






Unplugged Connection

Free Time




Meet the Team

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Curtis McFall

Owner & Director


Morgan Hassall



Macayla Lyon



Lauren Steed

Office Manager

What Campers & Families Say 

"My child felt they could be the person they wanted to be, without the pressures of conformity that they experience at school."

Parent, Camp Lookout

My Daughter had “the most wonderful time ever” at camp. She will definitely be back! And if you raise the maximum age by a couple dozen years, I will be there as well!

Parent, Camp Carvela

"Being at camp has been what it feels like to be alive. I can be whomever I want, be free, speak my mind and I am happy and laugh so much more than I do at home. It has made me capable of learning other people's point of view, opening myself to allow others to learn about me and I know what it feels like to feel pure, unhindered joy."

Camper, Camp Lookout


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